Lifetime Financial Planning

Ensuring that you have sufficient funds to maintain your lifestyle in the future is of primary importance to most individuals. Our role is to manage your finances to help you achieve all the things that you want in your life; to enjoy the lifestyle you have now, to help you escape early if you want to whilst you are fit and able and moving into later life without the fear of running out of money.

Lifetime Cash flow Planning seeks to redress the uncertainty clients may have by helping them gain greater clarity around their financial future.

Our approach to financial planning enables our clients to identify and visualise the life they intend/hope to lead, helping them to plan and manage their wealth in the best way to realise their individual or business goals.

Once we have fully understood the issues that are important to you and your family, we’ll help you answer the important questions about your future in a way that’s transparent, actionable and focused on positive outcomes for you.

Camargue House are experts at providing straightforward answers to complex questions :

- When can I afford the retirement that I want?
- Can I afford to buy the yacht we’ve always dreamed of?
- Holiday home??
- How much can we afford to help our children or grandchildren get on the property ladder?
- What impact would long term care have on our financial future?
- Is my portfolio tax efficient – and what about inheritance tax and bloodline planning?
- Am I taking too much or not enough risk?
- Will I run out of money?
- How much is enough?